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News, 11/08/2007

The team is growing steadily and we've also accomplished the core coding for the modular loading mechanics.

Top Stories

  • Modular Loading
    We've rewritten large parts of the XML loading mechanics for the info classes of the game allowing true modular loading instead of the "overwrite" method from Firaxis(which isn't modular anyway but just an overwrite type if it exists already or append if not)
  • Master Load File
    This is a complete new implementation to give the Modder full control of the order in which XML modules will be loaded. Some modules might be depending on others and therefore have to be loaded AFTER their dependencies have been loaded into the memory. To cope with this problem, the MLF idea was brought by Impaler[WRG] and completely written and implemented by MrGenie. Any questions have to be directed to MrGenie.
  • Bug Tracker
    Busy with a new Bug Tracker implementation
    We are busy setting up a new version of the Bug Tracker been used by the ViSa Expansion Pack team. This will allow us to set a roadmap, assign tasks, view progress, testers can already report any bugs, write down ideas, to do lists, etc
  • Domains
    We registered 2 domains for the new project and have been registered as future representation on the web

Press Releases

  • We will start working on the Front-End program by the start of December 2007 to have a core workable Frond-End program by mid December 2007. The Front-End will be used to control the MLF as well as(this however will be implemented later in January or February) all other xml files.
  • We are in need of people who can do Python and C++ so MrGenie can take a break! :)